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Date: Wed, 08 Aug 2001 19:48:43 +0100
Subject: -ALLSORTS-UK news catch part 1

Westwood - Lyminge Forest - de-tatting party - starting 10th August 2001

Westwood, Lyminge Forest is now officially secure against Rank's, or Bourne Leisure's plans to develop it into a holiday village. Detatting party this weekend. Planning permission expired this April and no renewal application has been submitted.

More info -

De-tatting Party

If we don't, the Forestry Commission will move in and start a clear up operation probably using heavy machinery to remove walkways and platforms, damaging this beautiful wood. We think it would be really good to get in there and clear up first as we always said we would.

Cleanup & Celebrations 10-12 August (meet in Westwood car park)

Starting Friday afternoon, bring all you need to live and have fun. Climbers needed - Lots of tree work (tape/free climbing) so bring any climbing gear you have and any other tools you think will be useful for this, ground clearance and tunnel work.

If you wish to work down there at other times there is support from locals Barrie (01303 257046) and Dee (01227 709616)

How to get there -

Buses - 558/559 from Canterbury, ask to get off at Lord Whiskeys (The Duck Pond) and walk up the road opposite Lord Whiskeys to the car park half a mile on the left
Road - M20 south, left at J11 towards Canterbury, turn right after 4 miles at BP garage. Car park is half a mile on the right

Any problems, phone 07803 173805 / 07767 604409

Flyer available at

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