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From Thu Jul 19 21:00:44 2001
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 13:55:00 +0100
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advice and help needed in Portugal


We are in Portugal and need help very urgently.

There was 6 ha of old pine-forest shipped off to build a factory for concrete blocks and other stuff. And he did that against the protest of many people living around. The area is forest area and it's illegal to build there.

He takes the water from the ground so that trees around start dying, and farmers around will not have enough water for the land. The rain and his dirtwater goes under the road directly to the next farm and is undermining trees und makes a swamp on lower meadows. His machines makes noise above the legal limite and is driving people crazy. Now he started producing without a licence.

To cover him, the mayor of the next village declared his 6 ha factory as zona industrial! We have now engaged a lawyer who has studied environmental law. But as things are going here he might have to pay some money as punishment and then things continue as they are. That's how all the illegal factories here are working.

So we are planning to make pressure with actions, no matter what and how. It would be good to occupy the factory and make an international camping place out of it. That might attract the media, especially the tv.

Are you interested to help us in this matter? People here are not used to stand up and fight for their rights. Portugal belongs to the EU - so they have to respect the EU - Environmental Law. But the reality is, that industry doen't care about it.

Can you send us adresses of other (radical) environmental groups.

Please answer as soon as possible - thank you for any kind of help.

love & peace


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