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From: "Jo Makepeace" (
Subject: SchNEWS 310, Friday 22nd June 2001

UK United Families and Friends Campaign

In 1969 David Oluwale became the first black person to die in police custody in the UK. Little has changed since: hundreds have died in suspicous and often brutal circumstances. Oddly, no police officers involved have ever been convicted. Even when unlawful killing verdicts are returned, charges against the police never seem to follow. <snip> So The United Families & Friends Campaign has been set up, demanding the police force be made accountable, as well as all deaths to be investigated independently. How can the police investigate the police objectively?

The UFFC are holding a tribunal (11-12th July) where the Government and police will be 'on trial' for human rights abuses. The findings will be presented to international bodies, urging intervention and support.

Tel: 07770 432 439 -

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