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From: "Jo Makepeace" (
Subject: SchNEWS 310, Friday 22nd June 2001

UK Government proposals to restrict planning objections


In a week when Tony Blair complained about "undemocratic anarchy" on the streets of Gothenburg his own Government is pressing ahead with changes to the planning system to make it harder to object to things such as motorways, airports and nuclear power stations. Under new proposals ministers will have the right to give the go ahead for controversial projects with little parliamentary debate. At a public enquiry you'll be able to discuss trivial things such as how projects are landscaped, but not to discuss if it's needed. So you can't object to a waste incinerator in your back garden on the grounds that it is bad for your health and an unsustainable approach to waste management, but you can ask them to paint it a nice shade of green!

And who is behind these proposals? SchNEWS is shocked to hear that its Tony Blair's big business friends, the Confederation of British Industry, who have been whinging about the time it takes for projects to be approved. The Campaign for Planning Sanity has promised: "We will fight these proposals at the ballot box, in the courts, on the streets, and in the trees and tunnels."

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The Government is also thinking about building new nuclear power stations to replace old coal fired power stations. Rather than putting investment into renewables such as solar, wave and wind power it wants to use outdated, polluting technology. The new planning rules would help the government push through the proposals against objections that are bound to surface.

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