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From: "Dorothy" (
Subject: Derby Bus Station and Riverside gardens
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 16:22:29 +0100

Derby Bus Station and Riverside gardens

Dear All,


and let others who'll do it know

Sorry this is such short notice - we've been hoodwinked here - a Road Order has just been posted up on a lamp-post outside our Bus Station, notifying people of a road order to start demolition works. This notice was supposedly put up on 25th May, but we know it went up recently - we've got till tomorrow to send in objections to the sec of state. I have sent the following to the GOEM and I desperately beg you to do the same. I'm sorry its so late - I have only just been rung about this by members of the Bus Station Action Group. (Over 14,000 bus users signed a petition calling for the bus station to be saved and refurbished.)

Don't forget to replace my name and address with your own, then its legit.

Derby friends of the Earth Co-ordinator

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----- Original Message -----
From: Dorothy
Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2001 1:55 PM
Subject: Road Order - Derby

To: The Secretary of State for Environment, Transport and the Regions

Dear Sir

We write to object to Road Order Ref: EMCM 505 035/1/204 at the Cock Pit/Bus Station in Derby, on environmental grounds.

This is now an Air Quality Management Area. Derby City Council recognise that the Government's Air Quality Standards will not be met by 2005.

An Action Plan has not yet been formulated to attempt to alleviate the air pollution, caused by traffic in the city centre. Any further road building and re-development will cause air pollution levels to rise, exceeding the Government's Air Quality standards. We know this because the developers have estimated that there will be an extra 20% increase in daily traffic levels, with an associated rise in air pollution, because of the re-development.

There is also evidence, from the City Council Planning Department (Committee Report March 2001), that buses will not be able to meet the 8-minute slots at any new Bus Station, because of this traffic increase. This, - combined with the smaller size of the new bus station and lack of access for all public transport users - will put people off using the buses and force them to use cars, further adding to traffic congestion and pollution.

This does not equate with the Government's commitment to improving public transport and providing the benefit of clean air for all citizens.

We respectfully request that the Secretary of State call in this application and hold a Public Inquiry.

Yours sincerely

Dorothy Skrytek
Derby Friends of the Earth Co-ordinator and
on behalf of National Friends of the Earth

95 Crewe St
Derby DE23 8QQ

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